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if i was someones favourite blog i think i would cry


Bring Me The Horizon - Deathbeds

such a beautiful song

The fucking thought of you with somebody else, I don’t like that.
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today in history class this kid said something about how women belong in the kitchen and my teacher freaked out and he made all the girls in the class write down “at 1:04pm on wednesday november 7th 2012, nick has been blacklisted” and now we’re not allowed to talk to the kid until he comes into class with the 17 apology letters that he’s being forced to write to every girl in the class

i love my history teacher


I just learned that one of my college picks is having a tour but if I ask for the day off my boss will probably be a bitch about it >.< 


Homeless shelter is transformed into 5-star restaurant, hot food and warm hearts all around.  See the full video here. 





death noot


this was beyond necessary tbh

This has been on my dash over ten times now so I just have to damn reblog it.